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Tales from my hard Drive        Tales from my
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"The profile of my dentist date made it sound as if he chose dentistry because he was obsessed with teeth- just a normal everyday desire for everyone to have a clean mouth and pristine pink gums. Strange? Sure. Criminal? No. Three of the five things he couldn't live without were painfully obvious... the last two were bewildering: tarot cards and a hypnosis kit..."

"Tales from My Hard Drive" is a romantic comedy that follows Melissa, a forty-year-old writer who moves from the suburbs of Los Angeles to New York City after finding her husband doing naked yoga-type maneuvers with another woman. Trying to find her place in a city run by the young and hip, she takes the best job offered her: that of a paid cyber-dater for The New York Beacon, anonymously dating and callously reviewing the myriad Mr. Wrongs who inhabit the Big Apple. Still brooding over her painful divorce, Melissa makes an art of exploiting her dates with New York’s not-so-finest for her increasingly popular Beacon articles. Then she meets the last man she wanted: the extraordinary and charismatic Ted, who just might be everything she’s looking for in a companion. But can Melissa’s recently broken heart accept him? She starts dating Ted, hiding from him her undercover dating gig, leading to a covert double life—dating in the 2D world for money and in the 3D world for love. Both lives get knocked senseless, however, when she unexpectedly falls for an online date who appears to be Mr. Right. Juggling two men and a secret job that requires her to date even more, Melissa finds herself in a poignant and comedic whirlwind that even she may not be able to write her way out of.

Reviews for "Tales from my Hard Drive"

The Chick Lit Bee
The Chick Lit Bee finds "Tales From My Hard Drive" as "hilarious and addicting and sheds light on how online dating has its ups and its (way) downs."

Books to Remember
Amanda from Books to Remember says that "'Tales From My Hard Drive' is surely the funniest, wittiest romance story I have read in my life!"

January Magazine
January Magazine describes "Tales From My Hard Drive" as "fun, fresh and absolutely current!"
Frothy Girlz reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and says "Ms. Karasch nails what it’s like to date online; the uncertainty of whom you might find while wading through the pool of hundreds of online profiles that all look and read the same. Her dating columns are the best part of the book if you ask me; funny, heart-breaking, realistic and a little too close to home." calls "Tales From My Hard Drive" a "funny, erudite and quick read that will appeal to women shuffling through the dating game and those who have sought love through channels like eHarmony and OkCupid."
Chicklit Club reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and calls it a "hilarious tale about internet dating and how absurd men can be on first dates!"
Trashionista reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and says"... it's a brilliant read. [Megan] is a fantastic writer and I was hooked from the start."
Fresh Fiction reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and calls it "a promising debut novel that will have you laughing out loud."
Megan's tips for those jaded with JDate. Podcast Interview with Megan
Find out if the dates are real or if Megan's just telling tales in her conversation with Marc Cohen on Computer and Technology Radio.

What Readers are Saying...

"The author hit the nail on the head and did justice to the trials and tribulations of finding 'the one.' Read it, relax and enjoy!"

"Megan Karasch is a bright, witty, gifted writer who charmed me from the first page of this excellent book."

"Karasch's novel is filled with laugh out loud situations, very clever phrases, and entertaining characters."

"It is wildly funny yet deeply insightful and ultimately powerfully entertaining."

Good Reads:
"This book hit close to home... Every woman who's ever struggled with relationships (and who hasn't) should read this book and find consolation in its pages."

"A very witty & fresh take on age old themes of heartbreak & a mid-life crisis and the 21st Century phenom of internet dating."

"Tales From My Hard Drive is a hilarious novel with a protagonist that every woman has related to at some point in their lives!"