Megan Karasch
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Press for "Chaperones"

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Online Book Club
Online Book Club reviews Chaperones and says, "With funny situations left and right, the book was delightful and amusing to boot."

This Chick Reads
This Chick Reads says, "What I love the most in Megan’s writing is the fact that she successfully fights all chick lit clichés, and creates uber-fun books with characters who feel so real."

Celtic Lady's Reviews
Celtic Lady says, "This is an easy to read book that will have the reader laughing and turning the pages."

Readers' Favorite
Readers' Favorite says "This is a feel-good tale... A book that I thoroughly enjoyed, I read it in one sitting. I laughed, I moaned and groaned, and I hopefully took away a lesson or two."

EBook Review Gal
EBook Review Gal says, "The dialogue in Chaperones is witty, genuine and intelligent.... The interaction between characters was insightful, lovely and charming. The descriptions of England and all its grand glory were detailed and described exceptionally well."

Big Blend Radio
Big Blend Radio interviews Megan.

Manic Readers

Manic Readers interviews Megan.

Manic Readers
Manic Readers says, "CHAPERONES is a delightfully humorous coming of age story confirming you’re never too old to learn and grow."

Terra Kelly
Terra Kelly says, "Chaperones is hilarious! Andrea is such a great character that you just want to root for her the whole time."
Roxanne Kade says, "This was a wonderfully fun and light read.... The differences between American and British Culture were highlighted through the book and gave it a hilarious twist." Guest Blog Post
This is a guest post on Roxanne Kade's blog called: "In Self-publishing I Trust" (about my experience self-publishing)

Jersey Girl Book Reviews
Jersey Girl Book Reviews feature - Guest Post about Inspiration for Main Character in Chaperones called:
Beyond My Comfort Zone," Book Excerpt and Review where she says: "From start to finish, Chaperones is a fun read with entertaining twists and turns that keeps the reader engaged and cheering on Andrea..."

Kayla on Books
Kayla on Books says, "Along the way there are some great twists and you definitely become invested in wanting to see where the story takes you."

Infinite House of Books
Infinite House of Books interviews Megan.

The Pen & Muse
The Pen & Muse interviews Megan.

Happy Book Lovers
Happy Book Lovers writes, "I loved the pacing of the book itself. The dialogue was fresh and witty, keeping a quick feel to the story..."




Press for "Tales from my Hard Drive"

The Chick Lit Bee
The Chick Lit Bee finds "Tales From My Hard Drive" as "hilarious and addicting and sheds light on how online dating has its ups and its (way) downs."

Books to Remember
Amanda from Books to Remember says that "'Tales From My Hard Drive' is surely the funniest, wittiest romance story I have read in my life!"

January Magazine
January Magazine describes "Tales From My Hard Drive" as "fun, fresh and absolutely current!"
Frothy Girlz reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and says "Ms. Karasch nails what it’s like to date online; the uncertainty of whom you might find while wading through the pool of hundreds of online profiles that all look and read the same. Her dating columns are the best part of the book if you ask me; funny, heart-breaking, realistic and a little too close to home." calls "Tales From My Hard Drive" a "funny, erudite and quick read that will appeal to women shuffling through the dating game and those who have sought love through channels like eHarmony and OkCupid."
Chicklit Club reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and calls it a "hilarious tale about internet dating and how absurd men can be on first dates!"
Trashionista reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and says"... it's a brilliant read. [Megan] is a fantastic writer and I was hooked from the start."
Fresh Fiction reviews "Tales From My Hard Drive" and calls it "a promising debut novel that will have you laughing out loud."
Megan's tips for those jaded with JDate. Podcast Interview with Megan
Find out if the dates are real or if Megan's just telling tales in her conversation with Marc Cohen on Computer and Technology Radio.