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Megan KaraschAbout Megan

Megan Karasch grew up in a typical Valley Jewish home – mother was a teacher, father a doctor, they frequented the local deli, and they only celebrated the religion three times a year. Megan went to college at the prestigious party school UCSB, but emerged from the weed smoke and beer scent an educated woman with big dreams but only one direction.

Fortunately, Megan was able to stave off her inevitable law career (remember the Jewish parents) by working in a creative capacity at an entertainment news TV show. Although she found this to be an enjoyable and exciting experience learning the ropes of television production, content-wise it was not an exact fit. Eventually, Megan answered her parents’ calling, went to law school and became a lawyer. However, from the day she first stepped foot in a firm, Megan felt like she was stuck in someone else’s existence (and an unfulfilling one at that). Therefore, in 2007, Megan started to change course by writing stories for a Los Angeles lifestyle e-zine.

A few years after that, still practicing the law (those damn bills show up every month, like clockwork!), she published her first novel, Tales from my Hard Drive. And two years later, her second novel, Chaperones.

Absolutely enamored of this life as a writer, which fit her better than any Prada item ever could, Megan began writing screenplays. Since just last year, Megan is grateful to have won the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, been a finalist in the Page Awards, and had two scripts place in the top 10% of the Austin Film Festival. Having received these accolades for her work, among others, Megan looks forward to continuing her life as a screenwriter and to watching her words on the page become conversations on the screen.

Megan currently resides in Los Angeles and when she's not writing or lawyering, she's spending time with her beloved family and friends, catering to her cat’s demands, cheering on the Los Angeles Kings (and with that, jeering the Anaheim Ducks), critically watching television shows and films, reading, sampling new restaurants (with an emphasis on the dessert course), playing tennis with the grace of a circus clown and rocking out on the drums.